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Founders Club International Newsletter

Saudi Vision 2030

Welcome to global experiences by Founders Club International!

First, let’s introduce ourselves. Founders Club International is a members-only community of the greatest minds and impactful leaders to connect and create sustainable impact.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to cultivate relationships between global leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and high-level professionals through unique curated travel experiences.

Our Mission:

FCI is hosting a yearly event to connect business leaders with innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Flagship Event:

Founders Club has planned a thoughtfully selected experience in March 2024, specifically curated for the smartest of minds to relax, rejuvenate and learn from each other. We are taking 15 top leaders for a 7-day trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to experience Saudi Vision 2030 in action.

What to expect from this trip:

· Opportunities to expand into the Saudi region

· Gaining cultural experience and make new friends

· Creating business relationships across the globe

Read on to learn more about Saudi Vision 2030 and what Founders Club has in store for you!

Saudi Vision 2030 is a comprehensive and ambitious strategic framework that was launched in 2016 by the government of Saudi Arabia. It outlines a long-term plan to transform various sectors of the country's economy and society by the year 2030.

The Saudi 2030 Vision is creating:

· A Vibrant Society

· A Thriving Economy

· An Ambitious Nation

Through this newsletter, we plan on highlighting a few major projects under the Saudi 2030 Vision every week. Stay tuned to learn more.

1- The NEOM Project

-What is NEOM?

NEOM is a region in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NEOM means 'new future’ and with more than 2,800 staff - from 86 countries - already living and working here onsite, it has already become a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new economic model for the country and the world.

-What does NEOM consist of?

NEOM is not a city. It is a place that will be made up of several regions - including a linear city THE LINE, a center for advanced and clean industries Oxagon, a mountain destination Trojena and a luxury island resort Sindalah.

-Which sectors will operate in NEOM?

NEOM'S sectors stretch right across the knowledge economy verticals and include:

Design & Construction, Education, Energy, Entertainment & Culture, Financial Services, Food, Health & Wellbeing, Manufacturing, Media, Mobility, Sport, Technology & Digital, Tourism and Water. NEOM has already launched several subsidiary companies and that trend will continue.

-Regions in NEOM

NEOM is a new model, a living laboratory for entrepreneurship, a home for an international community of dreamers and doers – set in breathtaking natural landscapes and driven by advanced disruptive technology. It is a cutting-edge industrial powerhouse and a revolution in urban living. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful islands. In other words, it’s a diverse destination that offers something for everyone, and is as unique as it gets.

NEOM is home to the LINE, Oxagon, Trojena and Sindalah.

All energy in Neom will be 100 per cent renewable — from solar, wind and hydrogen-based power generation — ensuring a zero-emission, carbon-positive ecosystem. The city will preserve 95 per cent of the natural environment around the site, highlighting mankind's relationship with the natural world.

2- The Qiddiya Project

-What is Qiddiya?

Qiddiya is the capital of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts. Qiddiya will be a place that enables the youth of Saudi Arabia to fulfill their ambitions.

-What will it include?

Qiddiya will have Family-friendly theme parks, sports arenas suitable for international competitions, academies for sports and the arts, concert and entertainment venues, racetracks for motorsport enthusiasts as well as outdoor and adventure activities alongside nature and environment experiences.

-Qiddiya is creating a new future for Riyadh:

Qiddiya is supporting several goals of Vision 2030 which include driving economic diversification, job creation, fostering a start-up culture, driving youth and female empowerment and doubling household spending on domestic leisure and entertainment. It is located at the doorstep of Riyadh.

Qiddiya will be a place that enables the youth of Saudi Arabia to fulfill their ambitions. It will be a place where they enjoy, appreciate, aspire, advance and nurture their potential; a place that unlocks opportunities and new professional pathways to help build a more prosperous and progressive society.

Qiddiya will fulfill several core tenets of Vision 2030:

- Drive economic diversification,

- Double household spending on leisure and entertainment,

- Job creation,

- Promote a start-up culture,

- Empower women and the youth, and

- Contribute to healthier lifestyles.

The Saudi 2030 Vision is an incredible initiative that will transform the MENA region! We are excited to take 15 top leaders with us to Riyadh to experience it in action. Apply now at this link:

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Leslie Barber
Leslie Barber
Nov 27, 2023

We at commend you on your insightfulness and your vision with The Founders Club and its Projects. My Name is Leslie Barber VP Business Development, I am looking forward to hearing back from you regarding a potential Partnership with Founders Club Int. Grace and Peace, Phone 905-447-4051 (Canada)


Umer Javed
Umer Javed
Nov 01, 2023

Insightful information


Nov 01, 2023

Great read!

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