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The Oxagon Project: Redefining the traditional industrial model

The Oxagon Project is a visionary undertaking that aims to drive technological advancements, foster innovation, and propel Saudi Arabia into a leading role on the global stage. This multifaceted initiative encompasses a wide array of sectors, including technology, sustainability, and infrastructure.

What is Oxagon?

Oxagon is constructing a cutting-edge and environmentally conscious industrial ecosystem, fast-tracking the implementation of Industry 4.0 methodologies, and embracing the principles of circularity. Departing from the conventional industrial city model, Oxagon represents a greenfield prospect that prioritizes people, innovation, and sustainability at its foundation.

Where is it located?

Situated on the Red Sea in the Northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Oxagon stands as the epicentre of cutting-edge and eco-friendly industries within NEOM. Designed to pioneer a fresh paradigm for both industry and urban development, Oxagon is evolving into a dynamic living laboratory. It plays a pivotal role in a broader vision where entrepreneurship and human advancement will shape the trajectory towards a transformative future.

What makes it so special?

Oxagon is set to create an advanced, sustainable port equipped with a seamlessly integrated supply chain system, providing connectivity to international trade routes. Its distinctive Integrated Digital Supply Chain Orchestration Platform (IDSCOP) will cater to NEOM's community and economic needs through a unified physical and digital network, encompassing a comprehensive port, logistics, and rail delivery system.

Industry 4.0: Oxagon is constructing a sophisticated and environmentally friendly ecosystem equipped to assist our partners in achieving top-notch manufacturing standards, in harmony with and in support of NEOM's fundamental circularity initiatives.

100% clean energy:

Oxagon is committed to aiding organizations in adopting sustainable operational and manufacturing practices, enabling them to contribute significantly to the world while minimizing their environmental footprint. Recognizing the significance of operational excellence and business reputation, partners will enjoy the advantages of affordable, 100% clean energy and involvement in a net-positive energy system.

Access to a global network:

Manufacturing tenants partnering with Oxagon can capitalize on the robust regional and global network of the Oxagon team to secure access to appealing financing and funding opportunities. Additionally, Oxagon will extend business incentives to advanced manufacturing companies.

The Oxagon Project transcends local boundaries, serving as a testament to the immense impact that collaboration and innovation can have on a global scale. Stay tuned for FCI’s weekly newsletter to learn more about all the innovative projects under the Saudi 2030 Vision.

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